Floor Smoke


Floor smoke or dry ice is a thick white cloudy fog that stays on the floor due to its weight.

It has a magical effect on stage and is therefore one of the favorite effects of drama, ballet and opera directors. Its duration is conditioned by the client's desire, as well as the density and speed of release.

It has no smell or temperature, does not leave the floor wet, so it is completely safe for all kinds of dance and theater scenes.

It is an indispensable decoration of the first wedding dance, and the wedding photos look fabulous and festive.



Fog or fog is smoke that fills the recording space or scene where the event is performed.

It is mostly used for the purpose of materializing light rays, which is why it is essential for every lighting designer or director of photography.

The smoke machines we own allow us to control the speed, density, height and distribution of the smoke in the space, depending on the client's needs. 

Colored Smokes

Colored smoke, also known as 'chimney', is a pyrotechnic device that gives the effect of colored smoke.

The duration of the effect can be shorter or longer, it is used manually or from the ground.

It is used for celebrations and filming, with the recommendation that it be used during the day so that the visual effect is the most attractive.

The smoke is harmless, odorless and temperature-free, but since it is pyrotechnics, the client receives safety instructions for use, if he wants to activate the 'torch' himself.