Do you sell special effects equipment or equipment?

Magic Effects is engaged exclusively in the service of performing fireworks and special effects, not in the sale of pyrotechnics or devices.

What devices do you use to perform the effects?

We mostly work with the program of the European company for special effects devices MAGICFX®

How do I know what kind of fireworks I need for my celebration?

On our website, on the FIREWORKS page, you can see examples of fireworks of different durations and the number of effects that are fired. Your desire and budget make the decision, and we are available for advice from the moment of your idea to the actual execution.

How do you become a pyrotechnician?

A passion for pyrotechnics and all kinds of special effects is essential for choosing this calling. Unfortunately, in our country there is no formal education for this field yet. 

How can I become part of the Magic Effects team?

Do you want to do this job? Email us and we will arrange an interview.